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Out to Lunch: Calogero's Pizzeria

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Would I drive to Lake Alfred for this pizza? Absolutely. I might drive across the country for Calogero’s. Maybe it’s the cute little red building with an Italian flag billowing in the wind, or perhaps it’s the un-put-downable woodfired pizza – but the GFP team has come to the consensus that this might be the BEST pizza in Polk County. A thousand chef’s kisses to this place.

Calogero’s Pizzeria is a Lake Alfred eatery tucked away just off Highway 17. The tree-canopied courtyard makes for the perfect breezy lunch, with indoor seating available. Pizza patrons can order food and drinks through the door to the right of the patio.

Calogero’s offers classic pies and unique mouthwatering flavors made with imported all-natural Italian ingredients, woodfired at 850 degrees in their Italian-made Acunto oven. It’s hard to nail down what makes Calogero’s pizza the best with such thoughtful components, but we decided it had to be the crust – pillowy but firm – this crust holds its own.

It’s been an exciting winter for Calogero’s Pizzeria. In December, they added beer to the menu, and last month they celebrated their one-year anniversary. We’re drooling and wishing them 100 more! Get more than one pizza (even if it’s just you). You can always box it up and take it home. Their pies are unique to the area and beyond delicious. You’d be remiss not to try a few flavors while there. Ciao, babe!

Meal to Mention: Pepperoni with Ricotta Pizza – Holy cannoli, this was a praise-worthy pie. Tomato, mozzarella, parmesan, pepperoni, topped with dollops of the creamiest ricotta. (Side note: The pepperonis they use are the little ones that flip up when they cook, so it captures just the right amount of grease. And fat equals flavor, baby.)

Honorable Bite: Garlic Cheese Bread – the Hot Honey pizza was a close second, but oh man, the sexy stringy cheese pull was photogenic and delicious. The fresh, fragrant garlic sealed the deal. You have to try it!

GFP Hot Tip: If you order extra cheese, ask for your pie to be cooked well done. This means delicious bubbly cheese with no soggy bottom.

Calogero’s Pizzeria

FB: Calogero's pizzeria

148A W Haines Blvd, Lake Alfred, FL


(863) 268-8352

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