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Taco Tuesday at Angel’s Kitchen

Happy Taco Tuesday, GFP fam! Have you tried Angel's Kitchen in Winter Haven? Taco-bout amazing food. This family-owned taco truck, open seven days a week, slings some of the best Mexican fare around. Their orange food truck right off Highway 17 will be a bright spot on your lunch break. We ordered a veggie burrito, four steak tacos, four chicken tacos, a torta, a tostada, and nachos for a grand total of $33. You can't beat feeding an entire office for under $40. The food truck offers a modest shaded seating area surrounded by a well-manicured lawn. They have a clear, priced menu with photos of the food to make ordering that much easier. Service was friendly and fast. Angel's is a Good Food Polk staple and a must-try if you haven't been yet!

Meal to Mention: It's a tie! Nachos and the torta won out over the other tasty menu items. Fresh chips laid the groundwork for a generous amount of fresh lettuce, tomato, avocado, refried beans, and steak, topped with sour cream and queso fresco. The chips were sturdy enough to hold their toppings with a nice crunch. The torta was giant! It boasted fresh, well-seasoned chicken with the usual torta toppings on a warm bun.

Honorable Bite: You can't go wrong with Angel's tacos. They're the perfect street taco with two corn tortillas hugging warm succulent meat, fresh and sauteed onion, brightened up by fresh cilantro. A squeeze of lime and a drizzle of salsa verde make for the perfect bite. And they’re only $1!

GFP Hot Tip: This is a literal hot tip. Order the red sauce too. It's a bit spicier than the green but packed with flavor. I tried it over some of my nachos, and it was sooooo good.

Angel's Kitchen

102 Casey Ave, Winter Haven, FL 33880

(863) 595-7206

FB: Angel's Kitchen

IG @angelskitchen67

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