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Out to Lunch: Cafe Zuppina

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

This week we went ‘Out to Lunch’ at Cafe Zuppina, a Mediterranean eatery founded by Berna and Erkan Nar, who wanted to introduce their Turkish cuisine to the Swan City. The pair opened the Market next door in 2019, offering international treats and treasures including pastries, coffee, olives, cheeses, candy, Turkish tea cups, and more.

The well-loved South Lakeland cafe underwent a few post-pandemic changes, including a dining room move to the Market (takeout or order and eat there) and food served in disposable containers. According to Cafe Zuppina’s social media, the casual dining atmosphere is only temporary as they work to transition the business. 

Meal to Mention: Chicken Kebab – marinated pieces of chicken served with rice, brussels, carrot salad, hummus, and pita. The nicely grilled chicken was tender and flavorful, the rice was seasoned like a dream, and the brussels had the perfect ratio of soft to crunchy goodness. Not only is the dish delish, it’s a delightful medley of colors and flavors. 

Honorable Bite: Zuppina’s Falafel Salad – a spring mix salad with cucumbers, tomato, beets, radishes, feta, and falafel balls with creamy beet dressing (which happened to be the prettiest shade of pink). 

GFP Hot Tip: Go Wednesday-Saturday for house-made pastries, but visit early as quantities are limited. Days when they aren’t offering house-made pastries, skip the oh-so-tempting dessert case in favor of the same Turkish imported treats to take home from the Market side. 

Cafe Zuppina 

4417 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33813

(863) 644-5144

FB: Cafe Zuppina

IG @cafezuppina

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