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Street Café Brings Taste of Egypt to Lakeland

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Have you tried Lakeland's only Egyptian restaurant? This delectable Middle Eastern fare is brought to you by Marianne Garas. Daughters Michaela, Daniella, and Gabriella encouraged Garas to open Street Cafe in a shared space with Charlie's Mini Donuts and Coffee last September. 

Fresh whole foods and flavors, including coriander, garlic, and onion, are a hallmark in Middle Eastern fare, with a distinctly Egyptian 'little kick' of extra flavor. For those uninitiated to Middle Eastern cuisine, Garas recommends starting with the Shawarma. The dish is made with well-spiced minced meat encased in warm dough. At Street Cafe, guests can order it with a choice of beef and lamb or chicken. The tang of yogurt sauce and red onions with the savory meat balance the dish, which is paired with tomato and pomegranate bulgar pilaf and Salata Baladi, a cucumber, onion, and tomato side salad dressed with lemon juice and salt.

Another unique dish to Street Cafe you'd be hard-pressed to find locally is Shakshuka. Garas serves hers in a cast iron skillet with fresh pita. A delightfully acidic tomato and onion sauce compliments your choice of beef, lamb, or chicken along with cracked eggs. The meal is topped with a creamy yogurt sauce, cilantro, chives, and toasted sesame. 

Don't skip out on dessert! Street Cafe's Bellah is to die for. Savory pita encases fresh dates that have been slowly simmered and caramelized overnight and tossed with almonds. It has a buttery sweet taste reminiscent of pecan pie. Viva Bellah! 

To wash down your meal, the Lakeland café offers Shay, a traditional loose-leaf black tea steeped with fresh mint, and Limonatta, a fresh lemon and mint drink served by the glass.

Come for the food – stay for the hospitality. 

Street Cafe

Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 11 a.m. – 1:30 (ish) p.m.

1023 E County Rd 540A, Lakeland

(863) 329-8575



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